Packing For Italy…Or How I Wished I Packed

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If I could repack my luggage for Italy, I would

If you missed the last post go check it out! I quickly addressed why I packed so my stuff for my trip to Florence. Funny enough, A couple of weeks have passed and if I could repack my bags, I would. Here are 3 reasons why I would repack:


Coming at number one, no iron!
A hand full of the clothes I packed need to be ironed. I refuse to buy an iron, and I haven’t seen one my the apartment. Therefore my clothes will not be ironed. For some of my clothes, I can get away with the wrinkles. Others not so much. With a handful of wrinkly clothes, that shrinks down my wardrobe a bit. If I had a chance to repack I would probably just leave the outfits at home.


I touched on this topic in my last post. I mention how many shoes I bought, just for me to primarily wear my sneakers, and Doc Martens I did purchase simple white shoes for the trip that I still barely wear.
If I had a chance to repack I would pack more sneakers. I’m a little butt hurt that I didn’t bring my converse. Not only are they stylish they are comfortable to walk in. Next time I’m not making that mistake.


Somewhere in my mind, I thought it was a good idea to pack dresses for evening dinners. Don’t get me wrong the dresses are cute but I can’t see myself wearing them anymore. Between the weather and long walks. It’s a no for me.
How I would repack the dresses? I wouldn’t. They would have stayed back in the states.

In an odd way, it’s sort of funny seeing how my mindset was packing versus now. It’s all a learning experience.

And that’s what from a Capri!

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