Guys! 2 Weeks of Jet Lag?!

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I’m try not to make it a habit in life to regret things but there are a few on my list. One thing I can now add is now resting before trying to get back in the swing of things. JETLAG IS REAL! I was experiencing jetlag on a whole new level. It was to the point people would ask me how I was adjusting and my response was “terribly”. I would text all of my friends who I thought could help me. After 2 blurry weeks, I was finally able to adjust.

The only 2 tips I have dealing with Jetlag

1. REST. Take your time and rest.

2.The second one would be listen to your body. You might think one thing but your body will show you another. Click here to watch how I attempted to jump back into my life on the Youtube channel. The whole jumping back without any rest thing, I would rate it about a 3/10.

Packing For Italy…Or How I Wished I Packed

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If I could repack my luggage for Italy, I would

If you missed the last post go check it out! I quickly addressed why I packed so my stuff for my trip to Florence. Funny enough, A couple of weeks have passed and if I could repack my bags, I would. Here are 3 reasons why I would repack:


Coming at number one, no iron!
A hand full of the clothes I packed need to be ironed. I refuse to buy an iron, and I haven’t seen one my the apartment. Therefore my clothes will not be ironed. For some of my clothes, I can get away with the wrinkles. Others not so much. With a handful of wrinkly clothes, that shrinks down my wardrobe a bit. If I had a chance to repack I would probably just leave the outfits at home.


I touched on this topic in my last post. I mention how many shoes I bought, just for me to primarily wear my sneakers, and Doc Martens I did purchase simple white shoes for the trip that I still barely wear.
If I had a chance to repack I would pack more sneakers. I’m a little butt hurt that I didn’t bring my converse. Not only are they stylish they are comfortable to walk in. Next time I’m not making that mistake.


Somewhere in my mind, I thought it was a good idea to pack dresses for evening dinners. Don’t get me wrong the dresses are cute but I can’t see myself wearing them anymore. Between the weather and long walks. It’s a no for me.
How I would repack the dresses? I wouldn’t. They would have stayed back in the states.

In an odd way, it’s sort of funny seeing how my mindset was packing versus now. It’s all a learning experience.

And that’s what from a Capri!

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So I’m Finally In Italy…*Bonus

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8 days ago I didn’t just leave my home town, I left my country no it’s not permanently. But for the time being. You read the title right. I’m in Italy! Here are 8 things for my 8 days here

I Brought A Lot Of Stuff

I’m not ashamed about it. I did what I did. I brought a large suitcase, a medium-size suitcase, and a backpack. Altogether nearly 100 pounds. I know what you’re thinking. Really? Of why? Because when I got to Italy I didn’t want to get anything. Not necessities-wise at least.

Walking Is No Joke

I brought 5 pairs of shoes. 2 flats, 1 pair of wedges, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of Doc Martens, and a white pair of shoes. And funny enough the only thing I want to wear is my docs and my sneakers. I knew I was going to have to walk just about everywhere but I underestimated what that really meant.

Allergies Are Real

Do you remember how I said I didn’t want to have to purchase any necessities?
I was told that over-the-counter drugs were pricey in Italy, so I brought what I thought I would need except allergy medication.
My allergies haven’t been this bad since I was in middle school. Oh boy, I was not prepared!

Jet Lag Is Also Real

Between jet lag and my allergies, I spent most of my first 72 hours indoors.

Fun Fact About Italy

there are restaurants, corner stores, shops, markets, EVERYWHERE but if you have to use the bathroom you have to be a customer. So if I have to use the restroom I would buy water, lemon soda, or something like that.

Found A Favorite Beverage

Five, which brings me to my new favorite drink lemon soda. I have at least 2 a day.

I Slipped Up

For a moment I stopped taking pictures. Every day I would walk around the city somewhere but by day 3 I kind of slowed down on the pictures. It was just last night when I realized that I’m not taking advantage of how awesome my experience is and that’s not ok. So today and from now on. I’m taking pictures of EVERYTHING!

This Place Is Most Likely Have All Of My Money

Italy is known for leather. This is something that I didn’t know about Italy (shockingly). In Florence, they have a leather market which has easily become one of my favorite places.

Leather Market


The blog’s YouTube Channel is officially up and running!
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