Guys! 2 Weeks of Jet Lag?!

adventure, Italy, life, LifeStyle

I’m try not to make it a habit in life to regret things but there are a few on my list. One thing I can now add is now resting before trying to get back in the swing of things. JETLAG IS REAL! I was experiencing jetlag on a whole new level. It was to the point people would ask me how I was adjusting and my response was “terribly”. I would text all of my friends who I thought could help me. After 2 blurry weeks, I was finally able to adjust.

The only 2 tips I have dealing with Jetlag

1. REST. Take your time and rest.

2.The second one would be listen to your body. You might think one thing but your body will show you another. Click here to watch how I attempted to jump back into my life on the Youtube channel. The whole jumping back without any rest thing, I would rate it about a 3/10.

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